Hannah Ellen Bean, Hannah Rose Kessler, Aaron D. Tilton


This poster reflects research conducted as part of a course project designed to give students experience in the research process. Course: SSC 200



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We performed a literature analysis of research pertaining to how different religions approached climate change and sustainability. Our aim was to learn what different approaches, if any, world religions take to addressing climate change and sustainability. Learning what motivates action, or lack thereof, can help future leaders inspire their constituents to take positive action on climate change. We learned that different world religions have different approaches to sustainability, but usually have some sort of belief regarding environmental protection. Through our research, we learned that often, religious groups create climate action groups in order to put into action their beliefs about sustainability. The ways they approach this action is different, but climate action groups in general seem to be common amongst religious groups. Climate change is on the forefront of religious leaders' minds and there has been much more recent discussion about it and what actions we need to take than there has been in the past. As climate change becomes more of a pressing issue, it has become a focus of much religious teaching.

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Course Project

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Laura M. Leming

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Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work


Stander Symposium project, College of Arts and Sciences

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Climate Action

Global Religion: Approaches to Climate Change and Sustainability