Exploration of Correlations in Fitness and Injury Screening Clinic


Exploration of Correlations in Fitness and Injury Screening Clinic



Luke Kelly Knapke, Julianna D. Leonard, Will Stephen Majercak, Abigail R. Shahady, Ciara Ann White



The Department of Health and Sport Science has recently piloted a Nutrition, Fitness, and Injury Screening clinic to provide an experiential-learning opportunity for our student practitioners as well as important health-related data to the campus community. Within this program, clients are able to complete one or more of the following: nutritional consultations, health and skill related fitness testing, and injury screening. Here, we examine a variety of potential relationships between the numerous assessments that were performed. Specifically, we have explored questions both within each aspect of the clinic and several cross-disciplinary queries. Within the fitness testing protocols, we compared the multiple body composition and resting energy expenditure estimations and measurements that were made. Within the injury screening task, we assessed multiple measures of lower body coordination. With an interest in understanding how fitness measures may relate to and/or predict injury-risk, we also examined the relationship between: 1) balance and body composition; and, 2) lower body power and high-risk lower body coordination patterns. Our combined oral presentation will highlight our procedures and findings, as well as potential future investigations we are interested in pursuing.

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Independent Research

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Matthew J. Beerse, Anne R. Crecelius

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Health and Sport Science


Stander Symposium project, School of Education and Health Sciences

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Good Health and Well-Being

Exploration of Correlations in Fitness and Injury Screening Clinic