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My research is an experimental study of an optical beam steering phenomenon based on EO effect and space-charge-controlled electrical condition. A large deflection angle is expected by applying a relatively low voltage to a 0.5-mm-thick KTN crystal with a short interaction length of 5.0 mm. In theory, the electrical condition is carrired by electrons injected from the Ohmic contact of the electrodes. The injected electrons induce the space-charge effect and the electrical field becomes uniform while the electrical field has a square root dependence on the distance from the cathode. So, a linearly graded refracted index is induced and the optical beam is cumulatively deflected as it propagates in the crystal.

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Graduate Research

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Qiwen Zhan

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Electro Optics Graduate Program


Stander Symposium poster

Beam steering by KTN crystal(Potassium tantalate niobate)