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This poster reflects research conducted as part of a course project designed to give students experience in the research process.



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The purpose of these studies was to describe and interpret major events, trends, phenomenon, and the lives and times of significant individuals in the history of sport and physical education-activity throughout the millennia. At once interesting, inspirational, edifying, and enlightening, the stories told by the students of three (3) separate sections of the course HSS 275 - History of Physical Education/Activity and Sport during the spring semester of 2013 speak powerfully to the transcendent nature of sport and physical activity across all generations, cultures, and topical interests. This year's project titles include: Modern Day Arete and Agon: The Roller Coaster History of the Cleveland Browns Joe Pilates and the Advent of Whole Body Exercise - The Salute: How Tommie Smith, John Carlos, and Peter Norman Catalyzed the Civil Rights Movement and Changed the Olympics Forever - The History and Influence of Religion and Spirituality in Sport - Olympic Strides: The Life and Times of Joan Benoit - 99 Years of Futility: The History of Wrigley Field - From Pain to Podium: The Story Behind Kerri Strug's Golden Vault - Miracle On Ice: The Story of the 1980 US Olympic Hockey Team and How It Reignited a Nation - The Evolution of Chronic Pain Treatment in Physical Therapy These original research projects utilized an array of primary and secondary sources, including interviews, personal narrative, documents, print media, photographs, artifacts, and vintage video to bring alive the past to teach anew life's lessons from which all may learn.

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Research exercise: The History of Physical Education-Activity and Sport: Stories for the Ages and Lessons from the Legends of 
Memorable Moments, Events, Trends, Tales, Phenomena, and Famous Women and Men: Their Teams and Times - Semester VII