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As members of the Social Justice Service Club, we are committed to the ideal of improving literacy in the surrounding Miami Valley Community. This project represents the culmination our service learning project for 2012-2013. For the past two semester we have tutored children in lower socioeconomic situations. We believe that a retrospective look at our service will not only feature the benefit of tutoring children who are struggling with basic literacy, but will promote an educational awareness of the seriousness of the issue that is in our own neighborhoods in the Miami Valley. Literacy is first and foremost a social justice issue. Our research is significant because it will demonstrate that by engaging these children at an early age and promoting literacy on a one-on-one basis we can be agents of change and models of the Marianist ideals of lead, learn and serve.

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Independent Research

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Lori G. Phillips-Young

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Stander Symposium poster

Education in Dayton; A Social Justice Service Club Project