Whitney M. Crim



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The jury system has been the center of our judicial system since the Bill of Rights guaranteed the right to a jury in 1791. An essential component of the jury system is the selection process of jurors. During jury selection, attorneys for each side can use both peremptory challenges and challenges for cause to remove jurors from the pool. Challenges for cause allow for jurors to be removed upon the establishment of a reason for the removal, such as inability to analyze the information due to mental defect. However, the peremptory challenge requires no stated legal reasoning for the removal. As times have changed it has become necessary for laws to be enacted to regulate the peremptory challenge. This prevents jurors from being removed solely for discriminatory or problematic reasons. This thesis project will explore those changes as well as explain how those changes affect attorneys and judges in Montgomery County, Ohio.

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Honors Thesis

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Arthur J. Jipson

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Criminal Justice Program


Stander Symposium project

Peremptory Challenges: The History and its Effect on Legal Professionals in Montgomery County, Ohio