Allison Amos: Capstone Artist Presentation

Allison Amos: Capstone Artist Presentation



Allison Nicole Amos


Presentation: 2:00 p.m.-2:20 p.m., Kennedy Union 312



My presentation will cover my approach to my art making practice:My art practice evolved out of my natural tendency towards overthinking. Painting is a contemplative practice for me; one that has a tangible start and stop, helps to create order out of perceived chaos, and turns intangible thoughts and ideas into real-world creations. Through painting I am able to explore my thoughts as they relate to themes of existentialism and psychology. I often contemplate meaning and purpose.Within existentialism I am particularly drawn to themes of meaning or purpose, and individual experiences. My interest in psychology comes from a desire to understand myself and others. I realized truly objective art is impossible, and there was no way to separate my work from myself and my experiences. My work now focuses a lot on subjectivity, existentialist thought, and memories and moments from my personal life. I approach my painting practice as a time for contemplation, and a way to question the world around me.

Publication Date


Project Designation

Capstone Project

Primary Advisor

Geno Anthony Luketic

Primary Advisor's Department

Art and Design


Stander Symposium project, College of Arts and Sciences

Allison Amos: Capstone Artist Presentation