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The Fitz Center for Leadership in Community maintains partnerships with urban neighborhoods and supports students as they engage in service learning opportunities. Among the Fitz Center's many community leadership programs, graduate community fellows work with nonprofit organizations in the Dayton community. I have been working with Daybreak, an emergency youth shelter and transitional living program, while pursuing my master's degree in psychology. At Daybreak, one of my educational activities is to work directly with youth by managing the token economy. We use "Daybreak Dollars," which are designed to encourage productive activity, such as employment search and school attendance, through positive reinforcement. I have also collected data for the outcomes team that evaluates Daybreak's programming. The ongoing data analysis is investigating changes in income, education status, depression, and anxiety of youth throughout the course of their involvement with Daybreak. Further, I have case-managed youth in the program to develop skills on budgeting, time management, and other life skills. The experience with the Fitz Center and Daybreak has not only given me a unique opportunity to work with at-risk youth, but has informed my own research interests and graduate study.

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Graduate Research

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Richard T. Ferguson

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Fitz Center for Leadership in Community


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Graduate Community Fellowship at Daybreak