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E-books are becoming increasingly popular in the United States with the constant creation of new technologies and innovative business plans. However, very little research has been done on how the international publishing sector is dealing with the transition to digital production. My honors thesis is a case study of Sonrisa Publishing, a bilingual educational publisher in Madrid, Spain. Specifically, I observed and interviewed publishing profession- als during my editorial internship about how they are handling the transition to electronic publishing. My thesis identifies five categories of obstacles that Sonrisa Publishing faces in the transition to digital production: systemic, technical, personnel, cultural, and financial obstacles. From the investigation of these obstacles I have developed strategies for how Sonrisa Publishing should move forward with their digital strategy.

Publication Date


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Honors Thesis

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Patrick Thomas

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Stander Symposium poster

The State of Digital Production within International Educational Publishing: Obstacles, Innovations, and Possible Solutions