Human Trafficking in the Midwest


Human Trafficking in the Midwest



Lila Acott, Natalia Llanos, Austin Riddle, Jaimey A. Todde


Presentation: 5:20 p.m.-5:50 p.m., Kennedy Union 312

This project reflects research conducted as part of a course project designed to give students experience in the research process.

Course: HRS 200



Human trafficking has been a major issue in the United States and continues to be a major issue today. Ohio is within the top ten states in the U.S with the highest rates of human trafficking and since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic the rates of human trafficking within the state has continued to rise. With our presentation we hope to educate and raise awareness about how human trafficking happens such as the basic facts and what warning signs to look out for. We hope to help mitigate future cases of human trafficking by promoting better situational awareness and providing resources for suspected human trafficking. Our main goal is to educate young adults, students, families and anyone else who could possibly be affected by human trafficking in order to help protect the community from this rising issue.

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Course Project

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Tereza M. Szeghi

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Stander Symposium project, College of Arts and Sciences

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions

Human Trafficking in the Midwest