Savio D. Franco, Sheryl McAndrew


This poster reflects research conducted as part of a course project designed to give students experience in the research process.



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As a Marianist institution, the University of Dayton is called to sustain the characteristics of Marianist education that originate from the spirituality of its founder, Blessed William Joseph Chaminade, and the legacy handed down to us through 200 years of Marianist tradition and venture. Regardless of varied faith backgrounds, faculty play a central role in sustaining these characteristics. Furthermore, they are also beneficiaries of the nourishment and spiritual inspiration that these Marianist characteristics offer. Notably, the research across various institutional types indicates that the academy is changing, and faculty are facing numerous challenges because of it. Perhaps among the most significant factors reported is a decline in the sense of community within the faculty body itself. As described in the literature about faculty life, symptoms of this decline may include difficulty communicating about work issues, insufficient mentoring and guidance, weakening collegiality, and a sense of isolation, fragmentation, and loneliness. The University of Dayton, though, offers a uniquely rich source of community and shared values in the five characteristics of Marianist education. A foundational construct in our educational mission, these characteristics are: '1) educate for formation in faith, 2) provide an integral, quality education, 3) educate in family spirit, 4) educate for service, justice, and peace, and 5) educate for adaptation and change' (Society of Mary, 1996, p. 8). To support faculty, we will share a resource document that encapsulates the essence of the Marianist educational characteristics and provides a guide to the many Marianist resources the University of Dayton provides. In this work, faculty may find a helpful resource for sustaining a supportive faculty community, one that inspires and encourages faculty as they face the challenges of the modern professoriate. Reference: Society of Mary. (1996). 'Characteristics of Marianist Education.' Dayton, OH: Marianist Press.

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Research exercise: The Characteristics of Marianist Education: Finding Sustenance for Faculty Community