Ciarilis Colon, Alexander Ghilani, Kyle M. Hulthen, Morgan T. Mcnary



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Our team is working with the City of Dayton on the current project of improving four facades by providing design assistance in the areas of eligibility. In doing so, The University of Dayton Project Management Team is working with Ms. Amy Walbridge, a Project Administrator for the City of Dayton, to improve storefronts by implementing new signs, lighting, awnings, and landscape architecture. The project includes four unique buildings that are in need of ideas for storefront improvements. In collaboration with the local business owners, the team came to find that they don''''t have the resources or time to improve their storefronts. Over a three month time period the team will design two mock ups for each building including cut sheets, specifications, and cost estimates. There will be two mockups for each of the buildings because the University of Dayton Project Management Team will design one mock up that meets exact or close to what the store owners want and one mock up that includes the store owner''''s thoughts plus some of the teams own thoughts. Specifications will describe in detail what all goes into each mock up; lighting, awnings, signage, etc. and where things get placed along the storefront. The last thing, cost estimates, will list every new addition to the store and will tell us the budget needed overall to complete the project. During this process once the team has met with Amy and storeowners to discuss what is desired, eight perspective drawings will be implemented. With these eight drawings, an evaluation survey will be done to a selected group of random individuals. This survey will tell the team the top desired choice of appeal and prove to business owners that an improvement should be made. With these improvements, we hope that it encourages other restorations within the downtown area as well. The last step in the given time period is creating and delivering a final presentation for Ms. Walbridge. The team will present their final designs on each property, and the process that the team utilized, in order to put forth the desired needs to improve the facades.

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Research exercise: Facade Improvement Program - City of Dayton