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A graduate student in the School Counseling program reflects on her past two years of assistantship work with the Fitz Center for Leadership in Community. The Fitz Center offers a variety of assistantships and a program called the Graduate Community Fellows. As a participant in this program, Kristen worked at Ruskin Elementary School, tutoring Hispanic students there and helping children overcome language barriers by using her professional Spanish fluency. This experience has been life-changing and also challenging, teaching her about school dynamics that relate directly to her future career as a School Counselor. The poster will educate an audience about the difficulties and blessings in working in an urban school and offer suggestions for how schools can best utilize their resources.

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Project Designation

Graduate Research

Primary Advisor

Richard T. Ferguson

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Fitz Center for Leadership in Community


Stander Symposium poster

Servant Leadership In Action: Connecting with Community as a Graduate Community Fellow