UD Dining Services Automation of Reusable Container Tracking System

UD Dining Services Automation of Reusable Container Tracking System



Kevin Padraic Cavanaugh, Jack Philip Chevalier, Patrick A. Downey, Michelle Hwang


Presentation: 2:00 p.m.-2:30 p.m., Miriam Hall 109



In partnership with the University of Dayton’s dining services team, we are developing aninventory tracking solution that will solve the issues within the current reusable containerprogram. During the pilot run of this program, which occurred last year (2020) in MarycrestDining Hall, the university ran into a huge problem with students failing to return the reusablecontainers; causing the university to lose over 70% of their inventory. Our solution will be a fulltracking system, with a central database, in which each container can be tracked from the pointof service to a proper return area. Successful completion and implementation of this system willallow the university to identify which student has a reusable container, where the container wasgiven out, and when/if the container has been properly returned. In doing so, we will not only behelping dining services save money but also helping to reduce waste on our campus and withinour community’s landfills. This system will also serve as a foundation in which dining servicescould utilize for any future advancements, such as being able to offer faculty, staff, and gueststhe ability to participate in the program.There are, however, several challenges that we anticipate facing regarding thedevelopment and success of our solution. Moving forward, the technicalities and logisticallimitations are one of the biggest challenges that we are preparing to overcome. We expect to runinto the most issues when it comes to the strict limits on the PCI environment and the types ofscanners we are able to utilize on the containers. We also have to take into account the potentialburdens that our system would be placing on the student and cashier along with a concernregarding the training and additional equipment expenses.Reviewed and approved by Joan Bauman (Executive Director of Dining Service) on 22 September 2021

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Capstone Project

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Stephen Russell Hall, Hamed Majidi Zolbanin

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MIS, OSC and Business Analytics


Stander Symposium project, School of Business Administration

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Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure

UD Dining Services Automation of Reusable Container Tracking System