Kairos Data Repository

Kairos Data Repository



August Thomas Huber, Monica Marie Nuttle, Kevin Joseph O'Boyle, Jacob Daniel Selong


Presentation: 2:30 p.m.-3:00 p.m., Miriam Hall 109



Outline and construct a world class online knowledge management infrastructure that will enable the company to grow exponentially in the future. This system is expected to document and categorize work for previous clients that can be easily found for knowledge sharing, training purposes, and aiding clients.The first goal of the project is to create a safe and secure system that will store data files for the entire company. This repository will need to give appropriate access to appropriate people within the organization as well as any clients who need certain information. Currently, Kairos does not have an infrastructure that allows them to do this so it is our job to create a strong framework that can easily be expanded in the future. With this, Kairos will have the ability to rely on and learn from past research instead of having to start fresh. Along with that, due to Kairos’ largest client being the U.S. Government, they are subject to audit at any time. This repository will allow them to easily pull documents that are needed to be successfully audited. Also, we will need to include a way that specific projects can be broken down into their components so that navigation through the repository will be more simple for both workers and clients. Due to the work that Kairos does and who they do it for, security is a key component of this repository as clients or team members will only be granted access to certain areas. It is important for our group to meet with Kairos Research’s management team in order to appropriately tailor the repository to aid them in working with the repository and ensuring it possesses the capabilities the team requires. Lastly, Kairos has requested that we include some form of order to their repository. The repository should include some form of search and find characteristics so that documents and projects can be found easily within the organization and for their clients. One potential idea is that each project will have some form of unique code that can be used to search the repository and find projects easily with security.

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Project Designation

Capstone Project

Primary Advisor

Stephen Russell Hall, Hamed Majidi Zolbanin

Primary Advisor's Department

MIS, OSC and Business Analytics


Stander Symposium project, School of Business Administration

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure

Kairos Data Repository