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The Sophomore Social Justice Learning and Living (SSJLLC) cohort has a twofold mission. The first is based on the Marianist principles of educating the person as a whole by integrating education with leadership and service. The program mission is to improve literacy in the Miami Valley and participating in activities that advance the cause of social justice. This year Project READ partnered with the SSJLLC and trained the sophomore cohort to tutor reading to students in grades K-8, young adults, and the not-so-young adults. I was assigned a 60-year old man who is studying to pass his GED. It was very interesting to tutor someone so much older than I and from such a different background than mine. Despite our age difference, we still connected and were able to relax around each other and learn from one another. The majority of the time I helped him with his reading comprehension, but I also helped him with his basic mathematics skills. This tutoring experience and our relationship has influenced my thinking on the importance of education in this country and how important and necessary it is to increase education opportunities for everyone regardless of geography, upbringing, or age. He showed me that no matter where we come from we all deserve the same amount of respect. Tutoring this man really heightened my awareness and importance of our Marianist values of lead, learn, and serve.

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You Are Never Too Old To Learn