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In agreement with recent efforts to develop more efficient vehicles that will have less detrimental effect on the environment, research is being conducted to explore storing energy in different forms. Almost all vehicles use a chemical battery to provide energy to a motor to start its engine. Chemical batteries have inherent adverse effects on the environment, specifically biodegradation. In the case of large trucks, the batteries and starter system is quite heavy, reducing fuel economy. This project focuses on using material elasticity for storing energy. Specifically, the research involves the development of a spring starter system that will be lighter and more environmentally friendly than its chemical counterparts. This project centers on the design of a prototype concept for a spring starter system on a motorcycle.

Publication Date


Project Designation

Honors Thesis

Primary Advisor

Andrew P. Murray

Primary Advisor's Department

Engineering Technology


Stander Symposium poster

The Development of a Spring Powered Starter for a Motorcycle