A Novel Approach for User-Centric Privacy Protection on the Web


A Novel Approach for User-Centric Privacy Protection on the Web



Satish Kumar Oad


Presentation: 11:00-11:20 a.m., Jessie Hathcock Hall 101



Every day, we see the number of web-based applications rapidly increase. These programs are run within the web browser, where they interact with a variety of user-provided data. The use of web scripts, particularly JavaScript, which accesses this information through a set of APIs offered by the browser, is what gives web applications their dynamism. A sizable number of web-based attacks that violate users' security and privacy have been discovered over the past ten years. Attackers can steal your personal information by using some scripting language or other web attacks like cross-site scripting, SQL injections etc. Nowadays many websites are using the third-party API’s without checking the code and scanning vulnerabilities, that API’s can take advantage of security vulnerabilities and steal the user information without knowing the user like user cookies, session and if got any secret cookie or session id of user then they can harm the user data. There are many extensions which can block all the things but these are not able to ask the user what content the user wants to see in the browser before starting the web application. We have created a number of policy categories, put in place a policy engine to enforce these regulations, and given users a graphical interface to modify these policies in accordance with their needs. Our test findings showed that the framework enables end-users to alter the rules and regulate how device resources are used. Our policy enforcement engine firmly prohibits the simulated attack scenarios, preventing the misuse of device resources and user privacy

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Graduate Research

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Phu Phung

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Computer Science


Stander Symposium, College of Arts and Sciences

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Scholarship; Practical Wisdom; Vocation

A Novel Approach for User-Centric Privacy Protection on the Web