Smart Dustbin


Smart Dustbin



Vikranth Inampudi


Presentation: 1:00-3:00 p.m., Kennedy Union Torch Lounge



This project aims to develop a smart dustbin with a display using Arduino UNO R3. The smart dustbin incorporates a sensor system that detects the presence of waste and automatically opens its lid. Additionally, it includes a display system that shows the current status of the bin and the amount of waste inside it.The device utilizes an Arduino microcontroller to control the operations of the sensor and display system. The sensor system comprises of an ultrasonic sensor that detects the presence of waste and triggers the opening of the lid. The display system uses an LCD display to show the current status of the dustbin and the amount of waste inside it. The device is also equipped with an infrared sensor that detects the approach of a user and triggers the display of a message.This smart dustbin system offers several advantages, including improved waste management, reduced contact with waste, and increased hygiene. The display system helps users to be more aware of the amount of waste inside the dustbin, promoting responsible waste disposal practices. Overall, this project offers a simple and effective solution to the problem of waste management, leveraging modern technology to make the process more efficient and convenient.

Publication Date


Project Designation

Course Project 202310 CPS 592 02

Primary Advisor

Andrew Rettig, Ryan Lambdin, Ruthvik Kolli

Primary Advisor's Department

Electrical and Computer Engineering


Stander Symposium, School of Engineering

Smart Dustbin