Theft Detection And Engine Lock System Using Arduino.


Theft Detection And Engine Lock System Using Arduino.



Merlin Abraham LNU


Presentation: 10:00 a.m-12:00 p.m., Kennedy Union Torch Lounge



This is a vehicle theft detection and engine lock system using Arduino. As vehicle based transportation is significant in today life for all emergency, societal, household applications we need to provide a solution for safety of the vehicle by an antitheft detection system and engine lock system. By using Global System for Mobile(GSM) technologies, Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) system and in coordination operation with microcontroller the theft detection system operates and it alerts the vehicle alert system. This is a cost effective system and it forms an efficient antivehicle theft system for benefit of the society which is focusing towards Internet of Things(IoT) technologies related applications. 1) INTRODUCTION: Vehicles have become important means of communication as it is essential for transportation of essential commodities from a source location to a destination location. Vehicles in any form need to have proper identification relating safety as vehicle alert and location identification gain importance. Nowadays, vehicle identification, intrusion and theft control system using well known GSM and GPS technologies are being used and it is considered as a possible viable approach. Automated Vehicle based inspection is also becoming significant where Global system for Mobile communications and Global Positioning Tracking System also helped in preventing vehicle theft and location tracking system more efficient and utilized for developing safety systems in addition to radio frequency identification (RFID) systems. Microwave systems are used for further aiding RFID systems where IoT based systems are also nowadays used for vehicle tracking and location identification helping in vehicle identification and preventing vehicle theft. Arduino based systems and Raspberry pi systems have also gained popularity in this related fields of IoT based applications for vehicular safety. Further wireless systems such as sensors in the form of wireless sensor networks have useful in IoT systems. 2)PROPOSED SYSTEM: Research works of have given various information on vehicle identification, alert, GSM and GPS based vehicle location tracking systems. The proposed system uses Arduino Uno, Accelerometer, GSM module, GPS module, LCD display, Relay, Buzzer and DC motor and buzzer. CONCLUSION :Vehicle theft detection is very important for the society where transportation is essential. From the given system in this work safety can be achieved and it is also system with very less maintenance cost. Using this system work for theft detection future applications can be developed and it is vital for IoT oriented system applications.

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Course Project 202310 CPS 499 M3

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Andrew Rettig, Ryan Lambdin, Ruthvik Kolli

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Electrical and Computer Engineering


Stander Symposium, School of Engineering

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Scholarship; Diversity; Faith

Theft Detection And Engine Lock System Using Arduino.