Temperature and Humidity Monitoring with Email Alerts


Temperature and Humidity Monitoring with Email Alerts



Sandeep Perugu


Presentation: 10:00 a.m-12:00 p.m., Kennedy Union Torch Lounge



Biomedical, agricultural, and pharmaceutical industries make up the majority of the country's economy. All of these industries place a significant emphasis on the monitoring of temperature and humidity. Any sort of unbalancing in the natural circumstances or disconnectedboundaries can make monetary misfortune in the efficiency of drug and agribusiness businesses. Patients who pose a threat also require environment-controlled conditions in the healthcare industry. In this project, we will use the Arduino tool and DHT11 to measure temperature and humidity, which will help to balance the environment and boost productivity. I will be using email alerts if the temperature meets a condition on maximum celsius or minimum celsius. We can control any electronic device in homes or businesses using the Internet of Things. In addition, we are able to visually analyze data from any sensor from any location in the world. The microcontroller Arduino UNO retrieves temperature and humidity data from the DHT 11 sensor. These kinds of things are making microcontroller-based systems possible, which are taking the place of older, more complicated electronic circuits. It reads the output of the DHT sensor module, converts the temperature and humidity values into a suitable percentage and Celsius scale number, and then displays the humidity and temperature readings using the DHT11 sensor.This project aims to develop a hardware- and software-based system that can accurately measure temperature and humidity. Additionally, this system will enable time monitoring. In this, we measure the temperature and humidity using an Arduino board that connects to a sensor that is placed in the local environment. The following objectives are the main focus of the project, achieving a hardware and software system that works and lets you measure temperature, humidity, and the time, utilizing a development board for sensor communication.

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Project Designation

Course Project 202310 CPS 592 02

Primary Advisor

Andrew Rettig, Ryan Lambdin, Ruthvik Kolli

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Electrical and Computer Engineering


Stander Symposium, School of Engineering

Temperature and Humidity Monitoring with Email Alerts