Automated Water Management System


Automated Water Management System



Kiranreddy Angali


Presentation: 10:00 a.m-12:00 p.m., Kennedy Union Torch Lounge



The Automatic Water Management System (AWMS) is an Internet of Things-based project with the goal of regulating and monitoring building water usage. In order to track water usage in real-time, find plumbing problems, and instantly stop the water flow in the event of a leak, the system makes use of IoT sensors and gadgets. Based on occupancy patterns and other criteria, the data collected is analyzed to optimize water consumption. The AWMS is made to minimize expensive water damage brought on by leaks and to lower water expenses and usage. Users can utilize the technology to make educated decisions about water usage by receiving alerts about suspected leaks and real-time information on water consumption. The AWMS is extremely scalable and may be put in a variety of structures, from modest residential buildings to huge commercial buildings.The AWMS is a very efficient way to control water use and avoid water damage to structures. The system makes use of IoT technology to deliver real-time data and insights that help users optimize water use, cut costs, and safeguard their property from water damage. The AWMS is a useful addition to the infrastructure of any building since it can automate water management and avoid water waste.

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Course Project 202310 ECE 520 01

Primary Advisor

Andrew Rettig, Ryan Lambdin, Ruthvik Kolli

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Electrical and Computer Engineering


Stander Symposium, School of Engineering

Automated Water Management System