Elizabeth A. Mitchell



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Corporations are in constant competition with one another in order to expand revenue and survive in this modern economy, however, this often has a very negative impact on the rights of the individual and the rights of the worker. Those at the top are too quickly willing to exploit those at the bottom in order to drive competition and profits. This leads to both an increase in human rights abuses and a loss of corporate social responsibility. Corporate social responsibility is the duty of corporations to respect the individual, workers, families, and communities in their business practices. I examine how corporations are addressing social responsibility and how they have or have not progressed within the last dozen years in regards to their business practices. I also examine how the international community has reacted to bad business practices and what effects these reactions have on corporate responsibility.

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Honors Thesis

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Mark Ensalaco

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Political Science


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Competing Responsibly: Are Businesses Appropriately Balancing the Motive of Profit with the Social Responsibility of Upholding Human Rights?