Nolan Watson, Alicia Donley


Presentation: 1:15-2:30 p.m., Kennedy Union Ballroom



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In today's digital age, the role of different types of mediums in shaping political awareness and engagement has become a subject of considerable interest and debate. With the expansion of various media platforms, including traditional news outlets, social media, and online forums, the ways in which individuals engage with and become aware of political information have undergone notable changes. However, scholars have long debated how different types of mediums affect different age groups, particularly when it comes to political awareness. This topic sparked our research interest as young adults are able to vote. Understanding how different types of media affect political awareness is critical in today's society, especially when individuals are bombarded with a variety of political messages from various sources. Previous research has shown that young people, in particular, are increasingly turning to social media and online forums for political information, while traditional media outlets such as television and newspapers remain popular among older adults. However, it is unclear how different types of mediums affect political awareness among different age groups. This study aims to fill this gap in the literature by exploring the impact of various media platforms on adults' and teens' political awareness. By identifying the factors that influence political awareness across different age groups, this study seeks to provide insights that can promote greater political understanding and engagement.

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Course Project 202310 COM 503 01

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Jee-Hee Han

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Stander Symposium, College of Arts and Sciences

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Examining the Impact of Types of Mediums on Adults vs. Teens in Terms of Their Political Awareness