Joshua E. Nieman



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Rigid-body shape-changing mechanisms are composed of a set of links and revolute joints and have the capacity to morph between shapes when actuated. This project examines the challenges associated with the design of a mechanism for morphing from a ''U'' to a ''D''. The initial stage of designing a shape-changing mechanism is completed in two dimensions and yields a design containing a large number of links and joints. Moving this planar concept into a 3D, fully realizable device provides an additional set of design challenges. The stacking, or identifying the vertical ordering of the links, is the challenge. Without a thorough consideration of the motion of the device, links are likely to collide with each other or with joint axes. Stacking issues were identified and remedied via a 3D CAD program. The resulting mechanism was fabricated to provide proof of concept.

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Graduate Research

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Andrew P. Murray

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Engineering Technology


Stander Symposium poster

Design and Prototyping of a 3D Shape Changing Mechanism