Jacob Salzman, Jonah Farrar


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When thinking of the concept of nostalgia, people often find themselves thinking of what is called "personal nostalgia." This is a longing for a time in their own past, and wanting to experience these times again. Little do people know about the other, lesser researched form called "historical nostalgia."Historical nostalgia is when an individual has a longing for a time that they never got to experience. This has become a more prevalent area with the rise of social media platforms like TikTok where users are popularizing past technologies, clothes, and other technologies. All of this has led us to run pilot studies and preliminary studies based around a still image of an old mall with Africa by ToTo to gauge reactions and nostalgic feelings from viewers. We have also evaluated secondary sources, and we are currently working towards developing more studies, all with the goal of being able to contribute a more solidified scale of how to gauge how "historically nostalgic" an individual is. We hope to accomplish this for the sake of advertisers and managers as this area is under researched and under utilized in a world where it continues to become more relevant.

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Course Project 202310 MKT 499 P1

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Andrew Edelblum

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Management and Marketing


Stander Symposium, School of Business Administration

Historical Nostalgia Scale