Africa in Our Century

Africa in Our Century



Salem F. S. M. Alluwfan, Aboubacar Aribot, Joseph S. Boise, Patrick James Burns, Ava Elizabeth Catrabone, Charles Richard Ciolek, Daniel Joseph Cornish, Rodrigo Tomás Del Rincón Martínez, Drew Anthony Deshetler, Jack R. Dewine, Kate Adele Dillon, Oumoulkhairy Diop, Jarrett Charles Dixon, Aubrey Ann Evers, Niall Joseph Gallagher, Patrick Mills Garvey, Nicholas Ronald Geelan, Olivia Grace Gulesano, Brooke Renee Higgins, Colin Timothy Kane, Aimable Kazintwari, Kathryn Ann Kloska, Madeleine Grace Lacouture, Hayden Catherine Lingel, Griffin A. Miller, OBIORA Bunie Onochie, Dyamond R. Packer, Marissa Marie Perkins, Cameron Jordan Phillips, Elizabeth Mary Raster, Alexander Christopher Reminder, Natalie Renee Tippmann, Charles Morley Valentincic, Olivia Ann Voelker, Henry Garrett Wentworth


Presentation: 1:00-3:00, Marianist Hall Learning Space 217



At a time when of the growing significance of Africa, the papers in this session provide a socio-historical context for the understanding of contemporary Africa. The presentations engage in several important ways, and in the end provide a better understanding of what the Economist referred to as the “New Scramble for Africa.” Topics range from the idea of Africa to human rights, genocide, and gender to Africa’s contribution to the global community. We promise to have an exciting session.

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Course Project - HST 337 01

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Julius A. Amin

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Stander Symposium, College of Arts and Sciences

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Scholarship; Diversity; Community

Africa in Our Century