Food Equity through Regenerative Urban Farming with Eden’s Harvest

Food Equity through Regenerative Urban Farming with Eden’s Harvest



Tamara Tatyana Carter, Aysha M. Choudhury, Caroline Anne Cochran, Grace Marie Hungerford, Mercy M. John, Julia R. Lindenschmidt, Madeline A. McEldowney, Landry M. McVicker, Erin H. Mcgraw, Allison C. O'Gorman, Kathryn E. Riddle, Skylar Barbara Sharkey, Anastasia B. Stowers, Katelyn Monet Woodruff


Presentation: 3:00-3:20, Kennedy Union 222



Dayton Civic Scholars (DCS) is a co-curricular program that is centered around engaging with the Greater-Dayton area and creating lasting community change. Organized through the Fitz Center for Leadership in Community, each cohort starts their sophomore year and spends time learning about the Dayton area, community activism, and civic engagement. During their senior year, the cohorts plan and execute a capstone project to work with a community partner and implement sustainable transformation in the area. The 2024 DCS cohort is working alongside Eden’s Harvest, a newly created urban farm in Dayton, to launch their organization and promote food justice around Miami Valley. Eden’s Harvest is a Black woman owned organization, started by Anita Armstead, to empower the community and focus on food sovereignty and regenerative farming in her local community. She works to grow a variety of culturally appropriate produce to distribute to minority communities. We have decided to focus on retaining volunteer support, raising money for the cause, and sustainably distributing produce. We hope to successfully support Eden’s Harvest in their newfound organization and advocate for food justice and food emancipation. Stop by our presentation to learn more about the details of our project and how you can support the mission of Eden’s Harvest!

Publication Date


Project Designation

Capstone Project

Primary Advisor

Kateri Marie Dillon, Samantha L. Kennedy

Primary Advisor's Department

Fitz Center for Leadership in Community


Stander Symposium, College of Arts and Sciences

Food Equity through Regenerative Urban Farming with Eden’s Harvest