William Fitzgerald Grob


Presentation: 10:45-12:00, Kennedy Union Ballroom



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In an era marked by growing concerns about climate change and the imperative to transition towards sustainable energy sources, this capstone project endeavors to explore the solar viability of our University of Dayton campus through a comprehensive GIS-based analysis. The objective is to provide valuable insights into the potential for harnessing solar energy, thereby contributing to informed decision-making in renewable energy effectiveness and usage for powering our campus. This study employs Geographic Information Systems (GIS) tools to integrate various spatial datasets, including topography, land use, and LIDAR data. Utilizing advanced analytical techniques, we assess the solar potential of University of Dayton's campus by considering factors such as sunlight exposure, shading effects, geographical features, and rooftop angle. The GIS-based model developed for this project serves as a powerful tool to visualize, analyze, and interpret the complex interplay of factors influencing solar energy generation.The findings of this research will not only shed light on the solar energy potential for Dayton but will also offer valuable insights for policymakers, urban planners, renewable energy stakeholders, and administrators to make decisions for reducing our energy usage. The project contributes to the ongoing discourse on sustainable energy solutions, offering a tangible and data-driven approach to evaluating the feasibility of solar energy implementation in the chosen area. Through the examination of our current university energy usage, I will make informed conclusions on how much money and resources will be saved for the university upon switching to a more renewable and environmentally friendly form of energy. Through this capstone presentation, I aim to showcase the methodology, key findings, and implications of our GIS-based analysis. By understanding the solar viability of Dayton, we take a step forward in fostering sustainable energy solutions and shaping a more environmentally conscious future.

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Capstone Project

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Chia-Yu Wu

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Stander Symposium, College of Arts and Sciences

Mapping Solar Potential: A GIS-Based Analysis for Assessing Solar Viability for University of Dayton