Mouse Brain Image Analysis

Mouse Brain Image Analysis



Aditya Shrivastava


Presentation: 2:00-2:20, LTC Studio



For the study of brain function and behavior, the mouse brain serves as a valuable model system. Methods to accurately analyze the complex signals produced by the mouse brain are becoming increasingly important due to developments in neuroimaging and optogenetics. Techniques that can take the information contained in mouse brain signals and turn it into useful biological insights are especially needed. In brain analysis, image segmentation is commonly used for measuring and visualizing the brain's anatomical structures, for analyzing brain changes, for delineating pathological regions, and for surgical planning and image-guided interventions. In the last few decades, various segmentation techniques of different accuracy and degree of complexity have been developed and reported in the literature. In this work, we focus on dataset collection and computational model for mouse brain image segmentation.

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Graduate Research

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Van Tam Nguyen, Aaron S. Sathyanesan

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Computer Science


Stander Symposium, College of Arts and Sciences

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Practical Wisdom

Mouse Brain Image Analysis