Emily J. Buroker, Kelly A. Schlarman, Olivia A. Wilcox


This poster reflects research conducted as part of a course project designed to give students experience in the research process.



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As active members of the Building Community through Social Justice Learning and Living Cohort, we are helping to build and improve the community we live in. Our cohort's mission is to promote literacy. The non-profit agency Project READ taught us special techniques for working with younger students in grades K-8. Some of these techniques were determining if the student is an auditory, visual, or kinesthetic learner. They also taught us how color can help a student learn better. We tutor in an after school tutoring program at the Holy Angels Elementary School. Our mission is to help improve the students vocabulary and reading ability. We encourage and support our students learning by assisting them with their reading skills. As we develop personal relationships with our students, we are able to encourage their learning by being positive role models. As tutors we do a variety of activities with the children to improve their reading. We use block letters to spell out different vocabulary words, we read back and forth with the students, we work through spelling books, and we employ flash cards with letter sounds on them to help them recognize the alphabet quickly. The children really enjoy the hands-on activities. As Social Justice Students, we believe that all people in a society should be able to read and write. In our presentation we will reflect on how the combination of our service learning, the classes we have taken in our cohort, and our training by Project READ has helped us to understand and promote literacy in our local community. As UD students we will also explore the importance of our work in the context of the Marianist ideals of Lead, Learn and Serve.

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Research exercise: The Difference We Make is in the Doing