Ashley E. Stoetzel



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Immigration into the United States has led to English Language Learners (ELLs) being represented in PreK-12 classrooms across the US. Students with a first language other than English are required to be proficient in English in order to gain knowledge in the classroom, communicate effectively with teachers and peers, and participate in standardized assessments which are state and nationally mandated for school-age students. Unfortunately, much of the research on effective strategies for this population focuses on older aged ELLs. This study documents strategies that the current research has deemed effective and appropriate for working with ELLs in a preschool setting. This research was then compared with current strategies reported in a survey of local early childhood educators who work with ELLs in their classrooms. The researcher documented trends in the survey data and offered suggestions for strategies and further research.

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Honors Thesis

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Beverly A. Tillman

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Teacher Education


Stander Symposium poster

Teaching Methods, Strategies, and Procedures for English Language Learners in Early Childhood Education