Robert J. Strong



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Direct write additive manufacturing processes are seeing a growing number of applications. This work specifically focuses on one of the most versatile direct write technologies, a continuous bead extrusion process. A syringe type mechanism is used to deposit a bead of a liquid ink on a surface. Two and three dimensional structures can be fabricated through the x-y motion of the print head and the z motion of the build surface. A mathematical model describing the spreading of a printed bead of ink or other liquid has been developed. The model accounted for surface tension forces acting on the bead and neglected gravitational effects. Any changes in density or viscosity of the bead during the print process were also neglected in this first generation model. The model provides a useful tool for direct write process design as well as for the development of new ink formulations.

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Honors Thesis

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Scott A. Gold

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Chemical and Materials Engineering


Stander Symposium poster

Fundamental Mathematical Model for Direct Write Additive Manufacturing