Dayton's Human Rights Heroes: A Moral Courage Project

Dayton's Human Rights Heroes: A Moral Courage Project



Lila Acott, Aila Carr-Chellman, Saija A’lan Cleveland, Sebastian Andres De Leon Osorio, Precious H. Henderson, Kristine Hillstrom, Kathryn Horning, Jet Lex, Mary Mull, Kurtis Neiman, Bridget Sexton, Katherine Shryock, Ximena Silva-Aguirre, Anastacia Zartman-Robb


Presentation: 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m., Marianist Hall Learning Space Commons



The Moral Courage Project is a storytelling initiative of the UD Human Rights Center. This term, students selected to participate in the program examined conceptual frameworks intersecting the studies of human rights, media, and social movements, and learned documentary skills, including interviewing, audio production, and photography. To apply the MCP method, the students were paired with members of Dayton United for Human Rights - a local grassroots effort to establish Dayton as a "human rights city" - and charged to develop audio and visual stories to feature the motivations and actions of human rights heroes in our own community.

Publication Date


Project Designation

Course Project - POL 375 P1

Primary Advisor

Aaliyah A. Baker, Julie R. Jones Ruse, Joel Richard Pruce

Primary Advisor's Department

Political Science


Stander Symposium, College of Arts and Sciences

Institutional Learning Goals

Diversity; Community; Practical Wisdom

Dayton's Human Rights Heroes: A Moral Courage Project