Analyzing Propaganda in the 2024 Presidential Election

Analyzing Propaganda in the 2024 Presidential Election



Mollie Margaret Bigner, Nicholas R. Bridgett, Nicholas S. Cochran, Keira Aileen Cotter, Serafino R. Delzotti, Sophia M. Divagno, Liam Michael Dwyer, Bill E. Farmer, Daniel R. Greive, Ian Michael Kirtley, Mara Elizabeth Mackinnon, Lauren Louise Mann, Luis Alexies Martin, McKenna E. Meyer, Benjamin Arthur Mitchell, Tyler R. Mordarski, Rebekah I. Murray, Clay E. Nevers, Olivia Grace Newmark, Kayla Nicole Nickel, Catherine F. O'Brien, Robin S. Park, Maria Alejandra Pereira-Rodriguez, Catherine Ann Rafter, Tina Kaur Sandhu, MaryRose N. Schertler, Alyssa Marie Sparto, Mark A. Spaulding, Hanna M. Stanifer, Hailey McKenna Stephen, Brad S. Talsania, Madeleine Kennedy Vandegrift


Presentation: 2:40-3:40, Kennedy Union 312



As the 2024 Presidential Election approaches, various individuals, groups, and organizations are striving to influence the American people, especially voters. While much of the discourse surrounding the election works through civil presentation of positions and arguments in an open, evidence-based, and even dialogic manner, some sources have sought to shape the perceptions and manipulate the beliefs of Americans through more subtle, less transparent ways, ones often difficult to recognize and scrutinize. Such efforts to bend public opinion in support of one’s interests can be examined through the lens of propaganda analysis. In this group presentation, the students of CMM 350 History and Analysis of Propaganda will share what they have learned through their respective efforts to identify a specific campaign of propaganda associated with the election and to analyze that campaign in light of the methods, strategies, and approaches often used by propagandists. Each team will give a brief presentation about its project and their core argument. At the end, audience members will have a chance to ask questions to the class and/or specific teams.

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Course Project - CMM 350 01

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Jason E. Combs

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Stander Symposium, College of Arts and Sciences

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Critical Evaluation of Our Times; Scholarship

Analyzing Propaganda in the 2024 Presidential Election