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Urban Appalachian college students (UACS) face cultural and institutional barriers that impact their ability to persist and complete college. Designed to explore UACS experiences at a large urban community college, this study provides insight into Appalachian culture and identity as they impact their success in higher education. UACSs are more likely to come from a low-income family, and be the first in their family to attend college. First-generation college students more often lack the social and cultural capital needed to successfully navigate college, further increasing the risk of failure (Bradbury, 2009). Colleges and universities must seek out ways to improve the campus environment to reflect the needs and values of the students they serve and develop support systems that nurture the development of cultural capital needed to be successful in college and beyond (Oldfield, 2007).

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Graduate Research

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Abd El Nasser A. Abd El Razek

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Education and Health Sciences


Stander Symposium project


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A Room Full of Rocking Chairs: Urban Appalachian Student Experiences in Community College