Lindsey M. Callihan, Hillary A. Cook, Kyle S. Fischer, Patrick T. Gannon, Morgan A. Hale, Ryan D. Hunn



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The Social Justice Club is one of the University of Dayton's newest student organizations that was created with one goal in mind: How best to support the Social Justice LLC initiative. Starting a new service organization is truly an altruistic goal, but it comes with a lot more challenges than most students and administrators realize. Our greatest strength is supporting the importance of community service and civic engagement. This presentation will honestly discuss the challenges associated with maintaining membership and initiating leadership roles within an organization. We will openly examine the challenges, the stresses, and frankly, the potential for failure of a first-year organization. In the true spirit of perseverance and the Marianist model of Lead, Learn, and Serve, with a heavy emphasis on the learning aspect of our initiative, we will outline our new strategies for increasing membership, supporting and nurturing leadership, and maintaining the can-do attitude that makes us The Social Justice Club at UD.

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Independent Research

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Lori G. Phillips-Young

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The Challenges, Frustrations, Triumphs and Terrors of Starting and Maintaining a Social Justice Club at UD.