William Blount, Michael Bodde, Linda Moodie, Chris Patzelt


This poster reflects research conducted as part of a course project designed to give students experience in the research process.



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The purpose of this proposal is to present the University of Dayton project management group’s plan of optimization methods. The optimization methods are to improve efficiency of the lab reporting techniques and retrieval at the University of Cincinnati's Dermatology Lab. Currently, the time from the date the biopsy is completed to the date the report is posted and available to the client and physician is too long. While the average time the results are reported is around six days, it is not uncommon for the results not to be posted for over a week or more. The program management group was contacted in order to improve efficiency so that UC Health may continue to carry out its mission to serve the Cincinnati community. In addition, the methods will provide an understanding of the issue and the best methods to correct the turnaround time. The objective of this proposal is to describe process in which the team will optimize the University of Cincinnati Health lab turnaround time. The optimization will be done in several steps. The first will be the analysis of the labor needed and the analysis of the operation and technology. A hard copy of all the analysis is to be reported for further action. Once that is established, execution of an alternative itself will begin. The general plan is for all variables and possibilities to be considered with a full and complete understanding, followed by execution of a corrective plan.

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Rebecca Blust

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Research exercise: Biopsy Report Turnaround Time Analysis