Kevin Eversole, Ibrahim Abdul-Karim, Ryan Shea, Garret Ervin, Matthew Srnoyachki


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The current method of shipping receipt paper is very wasteful in regards of packaging and leads to inadequate storage. The inadequate storage of the rolls wastes time and energy when consumers have to reach in difficult, inaccessible places to refill the machine with a roll. The PM Company has contracted the University of Dayton Project Management Team to develop a roll dispenser. The Dispense-A-Roll dispenser will bring a convenient, sustainable, and cost saving method to dispense electronic transaction receipt paper rolls at the point of sale location for our client. The ease of use of the dispenser will allow for the consumer to quickly and effectively change the receipt paper roll when needed. In addition, the dispenser will enable customers to buy the receipt paper in bulk, reducing the waste associated with unnecessary packaging. The project will start upon acceptance of this project proposal and end on April 25th. Our team’s plan is to survey point of sales users to collect data for the product, develop three conceptual designs, select a final design concept from those designs, and create a prototype Dispense-A-Roll. Manufacturing the final dispenser will be outsourced. It is the clients request that each dispenser will cost about $8 with the budget for the prototype to cost approximately $25. Once made, the Dispense-A-Roll will be found in a variety of places that use PM Company’s paper for point of sales service, such as convenience stores, gas stations, retail stores, and restaurants.

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Research exercise: Dispense-A-Roll Project for PM Company