Wesley P. Kramer, Mary Joy F. Cardilino



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Polymer extrusion is the process of forcing a melted plastic through a die to create a continuous part with a constant cross-section dictated by the die’s shape. The goal of this project is to develop a die that can change the cross-section created in the plastic during extrusion. This technology introduces extrusion to a host of products that historically have been manufactured by more expensive and time-consuming techniques like injection molding. Variables considered in order to make the dies both practical and efficient include limiting the degrees of freedom, managing unnecessary die openings, and creating joints that can act as revolute as well as prismatic joints. Design challenges include addressing the high pressures and temperatures present in extrusion die systems, minimizing material leakage in the die assembly, and creating the methodology and practice for designing dies that create the desired shape changes in the extrusion.

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Independent Research

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David Myszka and Andrew Murray

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Design of Innovative Machines Lab


Stander Symposium project


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Design of Variable-Geometry Dies for Polymer Extrusion