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Currently in education there is a stress on career readiness. Specifically in science education, teachers are expected to educate their students not only on science concepts but also careers that involve Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). According to the United States Department of Education (2013), the United States is falling behind on mathematics and science education, ranking 25th and 17th in the world. These numbers must increase in order to prepare students for success in STEM fields as they graduate. One approach teachers use to ensure that students are well versed in the STEM fields is STEM education. In STEM education, students are taught using a method that focuses on real world application and engineering. This study focuses specifically on how middle-school females are affected by STEM education. Female success in science under the STEM method of teaching has been observed through a review of literature and a survey.

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Honors Thesis

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Mary Kay Kelly

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Teacher Education


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Improving Female Science Scores Through STEM Curriculum