Andrew Spirk, Nathan DeCamp, Reid Fuente, Jesse Hester, Matthew Soto


This poster reflects research conducted as part of a course project designed to give students experience in the research process.



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The Madison County Fairgrounds Equine Center is in need of repair in order to provide a more safe and enjoyable experience for its patrons. The Equine Facility can gain aesthetic value and functionality by improving the conditions and characteristics of the show arena. The improvement of the Equine Facilities will not only increase the aesthetic value, but will also help to enrich the Equine experience of the youth and citizens of Madison County. To assist Madison County Fairgrounds with this endeavor, the team will provide technical information to Madison County Fairgrounds in order to improve the quality and functionality of the Equine Facility by focusing on the design, placement and costs associated with the Arena. The project officially begins with the submittal of this proposal and will be completed by the 26th of April 2014. In order to the complete this task, the team will first conduct research concerning equine facilities. After the analysis of Madison County. Equine Facility, the team will create dimensional schematics of the grounds. The team will then develop and determine costs associated with the designs. Upon completion of cost estimation the team will present the conceptual designs. Upon deciding a final design, the team will prepare final costs associated with the project and make a final presentation to the client. The team will be located at the University of Dayton. The majority of the tasks will be completed on campus, however, on site observation and analysis will be necessary. The team will strive to provide an in depth plan of action concerning the design, placement and cost analysis of the Arena in order to increase the functionality and appeal of the Madison County Fairgrounds Equine Center.

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Research exercise: Madison County Equestrian Facility Renovation