Gracelyn Key, Sushmitha Rayinadi, Emily Strobach, Daniel Williams



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Dayton Most Metro (DMM) is an online regional magazine which has created a ten question interview with local chefs. Currently 20 chef interviews have been completed and uploaded onto the website. DMM’s goal is to add to the amount of interviews posted online this spring 2014, but has run out of the manpower required to do so. The goal behind incorporating the Dayton IET 323 team is to aid DMM in accomplishing its goal. Our team will be conducting interviews with a minimum of eight Dayton area chefs which will be featured on the Dayton Most Metro site. In the interviews, the intention is to gain insight on the chef’s story and personality, relaying it in the report and sharing it with the people of Dayton. The project is to be completed in a seven phase process which includes; completing preliminary operation requirements for project direction, creating email, phone and in-person contact templates to support and make the effort flow easily, dividing the work into two person teams to equally distribute the work load, contacting chefs (if required, restaurant management for major food chain approval) and scheduling interviews, completing the interviews whether it be by email, phone or in-person, formatting and organizing all information for transfer to DMM.

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Research exercise: UD IET Dayton Most Metro Chef Ten Question Interview