Brenna L. Frattaroli, Robert Joseph Jagielski


This poster reflects research conducted as part of a course project designed to give students experience in the research process.



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The purpose of this pilot study on digital marketing/social media is to understand best practices as it applies to professional sport teams, corporations and marketing organizations. Current students and professionals could apply this information in their daily work. A literature review on digital media revealed shared practices and up-and-coming trends for those in the digital media industry. Using the information gathered from the literature review, a survey was then created and validated by a panel of experts who are currently working in the profession. The survey was conducted during the spring semester of 2015, utilizing a sample of individuals drawn from professional sport teams, corporations and marketing organizations. The survey consisted of 8 questions that focused on digital marketing, activation and potential advancements currently utilized within the marketing profession. The results will present an understanding of advancements in one of the newest and still evolving areas within the marketing industry. This study provides extensive look at digital marketing techniques on a macro level and providing the participants potential development opportunities.

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Course Project

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Peter J. Titlebaum

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Health and Sport Science


Stander Symposium poster


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Research exercise: Digital Marketing and Changing Marketing Industry