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Food and beverage service is a significant revenue driver for sport and entertainment venues and recently, it has become a critical opportunity to add value and elevate consumer experiences, particularly in premium seating areas. Professional teams are signing contracts with food and beverage vendors for large guaranteed sums, like the 2012 contacts between the San Francisco 49ers and Centerplate where the 49ers receive 55% of concessions sales, a minimum of $6.8 million (San Francisco Business Times, 2012). Interviews were conducted with industry professionals to gain a better understanding of the current state of food and beverage service and trends for the industry, including pricing, ordering procedures, and serving sizes, as well as what changes the industry is looking to add or embrace in the next five years. Trends revealed through the research feature the rise of food and beverage packages to streamline ordering procedures, order customization to enhance the atmosphere, and the use of technology to enrich food ordering and product marketing experiences. Professionals will gain a stronger understanding of how other venues balance cost, consumer preferences, and corporate needs to meet expectations and what is expected for the future.

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Honors Thesis

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Peter J. Titlebaum

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Health and Sport Science


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Food and Beverage Trends in Sports and Entertainment