Morgan Elizabeth Draves



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As a University Political Science student and Honors Program Chaminade Scholar, the themes of public service and vocation have largely influenced my academic curriculum while at the University. Public service motivation has been a thoroughly studied topic within the discipline of public administration and acts as a form of measurement in determining the motives of public servants, including but not limited to organizational structures and a variety of socialization factors. The aim of this project is to find the correlation between public service and the different levels of vocation that are perceived among individuals working in the public sector. Through a series of interviews with and surveys of public servants, a realistic perspective of public service motivation will be obtained. The key objective of this project is to study public service motivation and its components in order to characterize the various levels of vocation that exist within the public sector.

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Honors Thesis

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Michelle C Pautz

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Political Science


Stander Symposium poster


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Public Service Motivation: Exploring Motives of the Public Sector and Identifying the Pursuit of Vocation