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In multi-cellular organisms, axial patterning is required to generate three-dimensional organ from its primordia during organogenesis. Drosophila eye serves as an excellent model to study patterning and growth. In Drosophila eye, Dorso-ventral (DV) patterning is the first lineage restriction event in the developing eye. The early eye primordium begins with the default ventral fate on which the dorsal eye fate is established by expression of a GATA-1 transcription factor, pannier (pnr). We have identified defective proventriculus (dve), a K50 homeodomain gene as a novel dorsal gene that plays a crucial role in Drosophila eye development. We have found that dve acts downstream of pannier (pnr) in the developing eye. Loss-of-function phenotypes of both pnr and dve results in the dorsal eye enlargement. We will study role of dve and pnr in growth regulation during development. The results from these studies will be presented.Keywords: Axial Patterning, Differentiation.

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Madhuri Kango-Singh, Amit Singh


Stander Symposium poster


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Defective proventriculus (dve) a new member of DV patterning in the eye