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My thesis is concerned with the effect of music on mood in the workplace. Mood, or affect, is an important attribute in the working environment. For example, positive affect is directly proportional to employee satisfaction, which leads to more productivity and more efficiency. On the other hand, negative affect is inversely proportional to employee satisfaction. Poor employee satisfaction leads to less productivity and less efficiency. The mood of employees at a student café at the University of Dayton was assessed with and without background music while they worked. Data was collected over a two-week period from 20 student employees. Data included background questionnaires asking for demographic information such as music preference, music experience, and hours spent listening to music. The Positive Affectivity, Negative Affectivity Scale (PANAS-X) was distributed before and after each work shift in order to assess changes in affectivity scores. Each participant was exposed to both music and no-music conditions. The hypotheses were that music would enhance satisfaction in this work environment and that the music background of the participants would also affect work satisfaction.

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Honors Thesis

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Susan T. Davis

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Stander Symposium project


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The Effects of Music on Employee Affect