Turki Mohammed Alsuwian



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Aircraft vehicle has complex nonlinear functions which affected in design the control issues. In this paper, introduce and design accurate control of longitudinal dynamic and pitch moment. Longitudinal dynamics equations have complex parameters and this paper maintains control methods as using feedback linearization method. This method is separating longitudinal dynamics equations which causes directly to the flight path angle and aircraft speed with certain approximations of drag, lift and moment functions. Therefore, MIMO adaptive control approach is used instead of feedback linearization with first approximations of drag, lift and moments functions to achieve reasonable results of aircraft dynamics control. MIMO adaptive control technique is presented combined direct and indirect adaptive control methods because the uncertainties variables of longitudinal equations. This paper displays control design for thrust and elevator deflection as inputs of aircraft dynamic with flight path angle and aircraft speed as outputs of the system. The simulations results of feedback linearization and MIMO adaptive control is illustrated in this paper and achieved the tracking of aircraft speed and flight path angles to desired aircraft speed and desired flight path angle.

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Raul E. Ordonez

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Electrical and Computer Engineering


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Nonlinear MIMO Adaptive Control for Longitudinal Aerodynamics Forces and Moments of Hypersonic Aircraft Vehicle Model