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Desalination is considered to be a promising solution to overcome the problems of water shortage especially for countries that have dry weather conditions with less rainfall around the year. Thermal processes have the highest capacity among all other desalination processes but it consumes significant amount of fossil fuel which severely affects the environment in diverse aspects. On that end, the importance of using renewable energy source such as solar desalination has increased in the present time. In solar desalination, the energy can be transferred in the form of either thermal energy as used in thermal storage technologies or electrical energy used in photovoltaics (PV) technologies. This research presents a novel design scheme of the solar multistage flash-thermal storage tank (MSF-TST) system. In the designed Solar MSF-TST, the brine heater is eliminated and stages are connected to thermal storage tanks. Storage tanks system is capable of running a desalination plant for all day at full load. The system is consisted of two tanks where the sea water is heated and stored. On one day, one tank is filled up with sea water and heated by solar collectors (i.e. charging/storage mode) while the other tank provides the desalination stages with hot brine water stored from the previous day (i.e. discharging/feeding mode). On the following days, alternative processes continues. In this research, a mathematical model is developed to predict the Top Brine Temperature (TBT) of MSF-TST under variation of operating parameters in different transient conditions. The MSF-TST system with 20 stages is modeled to produce 250 ton per hour of purified water with expected TBT 90-110 ͦ C. The expected saving of fuel consumption is estimated to be eighty percent when compared with the conventional Multistage Flash Desalination.

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Jun-Ki Choi

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Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering


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Multistage Flash Desalination with an Integrated Solar System